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high quality portable salt sand making machine sell at a loss in ogbomosho

high quality portable salt sand making machine sell at a loss in ogbomosho

If you’re a newcomer in the world of salt free water softener, worry not for you’re in the right place. Water softeners have been around for too long, but it may seem overwhelming if you never lived in an area where hard municipal water is too common.

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10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

Although it may seem difficult to understand, this article will help you know more about the best water softener system as well as review ten of the best models that will prove helpful to you and your family

Many people might question why combating hard water and working towards treating it is a necessity? The truth is, if you have never been exposed to the problems of hard water, you might never realize how problematic it can be. Before we go on to discuss the best water softeners to combat hard water, here are some of the most common damaging effects of hard water:

Hard water damages almost everything that it comes in a consistent contact with. Because it is high in pH and has a lot of mineral content, hard water has very harsh effects on human skin. Washing your body with hard water may get you rashes, redness, and itches on your skin

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

God forbid if you are already facing any skin allergy or skin problem, a single contact with hard water can have very damaging and long lasting effects on your skin. Not just skin, but your eyes and scalp can also be very badly affected by hard water. In most of the cases, such issues can lead to persistent allergies and marks on your skin that are hard to get rid of

Hard water itself is contaminated by a lot of stuff. This makes it almost ineffective when it comes to cleaning anything. The clothes you wash with hard water are not cleaned properly. What’s more is that the excessive mineral in hard water gets stuck in the clothes, making them look pale and reducing their strength

The dishes you wash using hard water are usually stained with the mineral residue in water and become weaker over time. The floors washed by hard water cannot retain their shine and start looking old even when new

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

The contents of hard water usually build up and stick to the sides of pipes and bases of containers in which the water is kept. This built up, often called the lime-scale buildup, keeps on increasing gradually

This leads to the complete blockage of the pipes and very thick lining of hard, stone-like substance in your appliances and containers. Over time, this buildup completely destroys whatever item it is formed in, causing you a lot of loss

Hence, the presence of hard water in your homes is a huge headache in itself. Not only it disturbs you day to day life but can also be a cause of great expenditure if you don’t get rid of it once and for all. 

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

Shifting to a new place can bring about a lot of new changes in everything around. It can be hard to know what kind of water is being supplied to your new home and this is a huge problem in itself. You can wait enough to let the water at your place destroy your pipes and damage your skin so that you can be sure about its hardness

We suggest you to immediately get a water test or ask around to know the kind of water that is being supplied to you. In case you are still not sure about the kind of water you are using, here are some signs to look out for

If you notice any of these things with your home and yourself, there is a high chance that the water you are using is hard. Take these signs as an alarm and consider investing in a water softener as soon as you can

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

A water softening system is the best counteract to hard water issues. It has been made to purify the hard water and remove its excessive minerals. Lesser minerals in water mean lesser lime scaling. So, there is no more buildup in your pipes

Salt based water softeners are the ones that most of the people suggest using. Whether you live in a palace or in a small van-like home, these softeners are going to solve your problems equally well. The best part about any salt based softener is its price that lies between the most expensive and the most economical water softening systems

The working of these softeners is very easy to understand. There is an ion exchange system in these softeners. This ion exchange system takes away the minerals and impurities from your water by drawing them into a resin like solution that is already there in the softener

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

There inside, the resin exchanges the water’s minerals with sodium ions or salt. In this way, the water is purified altogether without any such damage to the water quality too. The only bad part about having these softeners is that the resin usually runs out of salt. This makes it important for you to keep on adding salt to the resin depending upon the water usage in your home

If you are looking for a simpler water softener that won’t cost you an arm or a leg and won’t take up too much space in your home, then going for a simple magnetic softener is a great idea. Magnetic water softeners, also sometimes known as electric softeners are small sized systems that you can easily place on your water pipes

These softeners don’t really do an excellent job when it comes to purifying the water from very heavy minerals. All they do is strip ions from minerals and neutralize them. This makes the mineral soluble in water and they don’t make the water hard. We only suggest going for this softener if the water is not really full of impurities or when you want an urgent solution in a tight budget

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

As you can see by the name, these softeners don’t use any ion or salts to remove the impurities from hard water. Their working mechanism is a bit complex. These softeners have a system known as Template Assisted Crystallization. A TAC has beads made of polymer that have nucleation sites on them

When the minerals from hard water are trapped by these sites, they are turned into crystals as a result of neutralization. These crystals become unable to react with anything at all. Thus, they don’t bond or get dissolved in anything at all. This removes them from the water which no longer remains hard water then and freely flows into your pipes

These softeners are great for households where hard water is a regular problem. They are far more efficient in their working as compared to any other softener and are therefore a bit expensive too. However, their life span is quite longer and their effective function makes them worth every penny you spend on them

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

A dual tank water softening system is simply an upgraded and bigger version of salt based softeners. These are bigger than the salt based systems but work in the same fashion as the latter except that these have 2 resin tanks

So, when one tank is under regeneration, the other one does its job. This makes a dual-tank softener ideal for offices and bigger households where a lot of water cleaning is required on a regular basis

From what we’ve seen, it’s obvious that the best whole house water filter will be the ultimate answer when it comes to dealing with hard water. In this guide, we will not only review some of the best water softeners, but we will also share some useful tips on how to choose the product for your family’s health

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

If the iron in your water is ruining your skin and clothes equally, then this water softening system is going to be a great solution for you and your family. Perfect for 5-6 people’s households, this single salt-based tank is big enough to clean the water in no time. It is capable of removing around 125 gpg of hardness and comes with some innovative features that make it a great water cleaner in all aspects

The Whirlpool WHES40E has been designed to fulfill the needs of a modern household without putting a lot of pressure on the budget. Here are the two smart solutions fitted in this softener that make it this good:

This softener is equipped with smart salt saving technology that saves you a lot of resin salt. The Whirlpool WHES40E softener has been made to soften the water with minimum usage of salt. This means you don’t have to worry about changing the resin too much and are getting rid of the hard water at the same time too

10 best water softeners of 2021 – buyer's guide

This softener has an advanced technology that allows it to self-regenerate and work only when it is needed to. The system takes note of your water usage and only works to soften the water when needed. This makes it an energy efficient softener that reduces wastage of water and salt

This softener comes with all the required parts and is almost ready for installation. What is even better is the 1 year warranty that the softener has on all its part. Buying the whirlpool softening solutions being sold separately can sometimes extend this warranty to 2-3 years too