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high quality environmental rock powder grinding mill manufacturer in fez

high quality environmental rock powder grinding mill manufacturer in fez

Mill Powder Tech (MPT) has been a grinding and mixing machinery manufacturer from Taiwan for 70 years, and their client is a leading seasoning powder supplier. Hot pepper, black pepper, white pepper and cinnamon are the spices mainly sold by the client to Europe and Japan. As soon as you walk into their plant, among all the production lines from countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Europe and China, you can see three sets of turnkey projects from MPT. At ALLPACK Indonesia tradeshow, twenty years later, the client decided to order two extra production lines from MPT for their new factory. Why MPT? For the last 20 years, none of the machines from MPT needed any repairs, even during busy seasons when they required the machines to operate 24 hours a day

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We are a professional mining machinery manufacturer, the main equipment including: jaw crusher, cone crusher and other sandstone equipment;Ball mill, flotation machine, concentrator and other beneficiation equipment; Powder Grinding Plant, rotary dryer, briquette machine, mining, metallurgy and other related equipment.If you are interested in our products or want to visit the nearby production site, you can click the button to consult us.

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powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

A lifespan three times longer, quality powder delivery, malfunction-free, high production, low labor cost, simple installation, and easy maintenance are what the client experienced. They never needed MPT to install the production line - that's how uncomplicated it is. For spices that are dry, crispy and contain less than 15% oil, PM6 is perfect. Actually, sugar is the major grinding product for most of buyers. MPT's pin mill turnkey project has been maximizing its production capacity and providing evenly sheared powders, which permits the Indonesian client to sell high-quality seasoning powders globally

As a spice supplier, two factors necessary in order to provide high-quality spice powder are: to ensure the scent of spice is perfectly preserved, as well as to ensure each spice is evenly ground. For the last 70 years, beginning with Japanese style, to today's German milling system, MPT's milling and grinding equipment has avoided the heat effect on powder. Their client's spice milling turnkey project consists of feeding hopper, belt conveyor, hammer mill, pin mill, cyclone separator, dust collector and discharge rotary valve. The design, which separates the motor from the bearing and belt, along with hammer mill and pin mill's heat dispersion from rotor's rotation, means that powder's standard is elevated

We all now that overheated powder milling equipment can result in a change in the spice's flavor, scent preservation, and machinery malfunctions, along with shortened lifespan (70% of usage of machine is recommended), by allowing each component to operate independently, the machine's lifespan is prolonged. PM6, the spice grinding and milling production line, is designed for mass production without thermal influence

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

When you insert 100 kg of spices into a grinder turnkey project, the output is also 100 kg. Nothing is wasted. Cyclone separator plays a role in directing where the powder gets collected. For new plant expansion, the cyclone separator is tailored for hygienic reasons. After multiple of shearing and grinding cycles, powder that can't pass through the filter mesh will get collected by the cyclone separator. Powder that does pass through would be the product that is ready for sale. The hammer mill and pin mill are responsible for the grinding processes, and the dust collector ensures nothing is wasted

At the new plant, the PM6 production line used to mill hot pepper, white pepper, black pepper and cinnamon, is a combination of feeding hopper, belt conveyor, hammer mill, pin mill, cyclone separator, dust collector and discharge rotary valve. It is a heavy duty 50 HP milling system that is suitable for mass production, with150-200kg per hour and 20mesh ~ 150mesh fineness

The Indonesian client chose a pin type milling machine to pulverize their spices. Stud type, pin type, and knife type rotors are optional for grinding raw spices into powders. Choosing a rotator gives you different results from grinding after going through three shearing and grinding procedures, adjusting filter mesh and changing knife size enhances the powder fineness in the end. Various kinds of spice milling can be done by switching washable knife and filter mesh, although single machine for one kind of spice is recommended, unless ozone treatment is applied

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

Particle size distribution report paper is delivered with the milling machinery procurement, which proves filter mesh's efficiency and expectation of powder fineness is achieved. Generally, MP6 is a set of milling and grinding equipment with adjustable production amount and cutting size. If PM6 operated 24 hours a day, the production capacity would be 24 tons for sugar, 12 tons for rice, and 6 tons for seasoning spices

To cut bigger objects such as ginger, hot pepper, herbs or sugar, TM series cutting equipment is available. It has no filter mesh, therefore, alternate knife sizes is how you can cut with desired size. Pin mill (PM) grinding equipment suits dry and crispy foods that contains less than 15% oil, including coffee, sugar, beans, spices, flour, rice, etc. For oily or sticky products that contain over 15% oil, such as sesame and peanuts, PMM series grinding machine is available. For extra fine powder milling, APM grinding equipment is available

PM6 is a powder milling turnkey project that has been around for so long that its design has been modified to include simple installation and easy maintenance over the course of time. Rotor is the only part that needs to be obtained from PMT, since all the holes are fixed, and so buying it somewhere else can be risky. Other than that, ordinary maintenance, such as changing bearing oil or switching air discharge cloth and filter screen, can simply be done by the client. In addition, having all the washable parts makes cleaning easy. Overloaded machine shuts down with its auto protection, and the user can simply unload everything and restart the machine

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

We have many clients that we haven't heard from for 20 years, because their machines never have major issues. The goal of our business is to provide good service to retain happy relationships., said a manager of PMT. In order to provide total solutions, if you are new to finding suitable grinding equipment, there is information you need to provide before receiving constructive suggestions, including the food that you wish to mill, the plant size and location, production capacity, and powder fineness requirements. Sometimes a buyer would send a sample product for MPT to grind

The progress report is given prior to machine assembly, onsite and offsite lab testing and electricity examination videos are provided. Communication is always there thoughout the whole process. Operation training and the machine manual are delivered to ensure user's proper use of the machine

In Japan, people's green environmental expectations and the trend of using recycled material to create dynamic product is common. Paper recycling is one of the most common types of recycling. In order to use recycled paper as a housing construction material, a Japanese company, HRD, purchased Mill Powder Tech (MPT)'s turbo mill to establish quality paper powder for their plant in the Philippines

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

MPT is a powder mill supplier with over 70 years of experience. When HRD handed them a paper powder sample, MPT sent them a design sketch of a customized turbo mill that is specifically designed for the purpose. HRD uses three different types of papers including poster paper, carton and A4 paper. Thus, paper powder's character is required to be elastic and sticky with cushion and with cotton's look and feel. To meet HRD's requirements, instead of using the traditional paper pulp method, MPT designed a turbo mill that uses multiple blades to generate high speed vortexes and vibrations. The powder handling processing equipment turnkey project contains the turbo mill, blender and mixer, separation treatment equipment, etc

"It was a concept and MPT made it happen." said Tony Ling, the sales manager of MPT. MPT designed a powder handling and processing equipment turnkey system that is cost-saving and in the end created the most valuable paper powder to benefit their customer's business. "Because of our turbo mill, HRD's paper powder has become their best-selling housing construction material, a material that is anti-humidity, non-flammable and earthquake-proof, which is perfect for Japanese houses."

The paper powder is made of recycled paper after using a mixture of chemicals. To form an elastic character, the size of each particle matters. Too small or too big can fail to meet the standard. "Our turbo mill is designed not only to fabricate fine quality of paper powder, but also has high production capability," said Mr. Ling

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

Japan is one of the high-tech countries that is famous for delivering high quality powder processing equipment. While other nations are imitating their technology and trying to catch up, Taiwan's seasoned equipment building experience, turnkey project implementation ability and reasonable price is attracting them over to seek material handling machinery solutions

Paper Recycling Turnkey Grinding System consists of a hammer mill, metal remover, turbo mill, U type screw conveyor (scrapers), explosion outlet, cyclone separator, rotary valve, level switch, cooling water inlet and explosion outlet

6000 gauss magnetic separator is ideal for paper recycling; It removes metal particles from recycled papers. Recycling paper goes through a metal remover before going into a turbo to prevent damage turbo mill, it is also equipped after hammer mill

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

By lowering the temperature in the spiral chamber and allowing particle's self-impact, and by using four blades' grinding enforcement, Mill Powder Tech's screen-less turbo mill, TM-600, was made to grind 5mm particles of processed seaweed powder into 100 mesh per second, along with 80-100kg per hour production in order to meet a client's expectations

Located in Italy, the client was one of the few seaweed powder providers mainly supplying Agar-agar and carrageen (also called Carrageenan) to food and pharmaceutical companies. And their newly developed products required finer powders. Knowing Mill Powder Tech has over 70 years of powder mill experience, at a tradeshow, the client challenged them to process their agar-agar, the hardest seaweed to process

Due to agar-agar's elastic and dense textures, it is difficult to grind. With the regular turbo mill, the temperature rises once it starts cutting. Furthermore, dry agar-agar is very tough and elastic. Therefore, instead of ordering a whole powder processing line, the client only requested the turbo mill in order to test out Mill Powder Tech's capability

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

Overall, heat elimination is important. Mill Powder Tech's Turbo Mill is screen-less, operated with cold water recycling system to cool down the grinding temperature in chamber. Screw transportation was replaced with vacuum suction to eliminate agar-agar's cluster

For the last 35 years, TPM has been dedicated to developing turbo mills that would produce smaller particles without changing material textures or odors. Today, Mill Powder Tech provides five series of turbo mills, ranging from TM-250 to TM-1000; rotation speed from 1,200 to 8,000 (r.m.p), horse power from 15HP to 150HP and particle size in a range of about +18 to −325 mesh

Heat can change the texture of any particle that is dense and glutinous, also; the material generates heat if grinding requires more power. To avoid heat, the turbo mill was designed without screen to assure wind's smooth flow. As a result, the cooling system successfully reduced the heat, and a fine and white powder was created

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

There are five series (TM250, TM400, TM600, TM800, TM1000 ) of turbo mills which each contain a number of blades. When particles are put in the feeder, besides their self-crushing, shearing and grinding are also conducted in a few seconds to meet specific size expectations

Along with agar-agar and carrageenan, materials that easily generate heat can also be pulverized by Mill Powder Tech's powder grinding machine, including plastic, sugar, pigment, toner, leather, asbestos, etc

In the end, Mill Powder Tech's client was able to deliver high quality processed seaweed powder to their pharmaceutical company clients, and decided to buy the whole powder handling processing line and subsequently to make further orders later on

powder milling and grinding processing ... - mill powder tech

After a year of testing and trials, a completed ginger powder processing line was built by Mill Powder Tech, based in Taiwan, for a company named Wakaya Perfection Ltd. The powder handling processing equipment was designed with 150kg per hour production capacity, FDA approval, 1/3 energy-saving, and the ginger was ground profoundly to meet the required standards

Organic pink Fijian ginger only grows on Wakaya Island in Fiji, its unique character has allowed Wakaya Perfection to sell the ginger powder to high-end consumers in the U.S. The quality of ginger powder has to be top rated, which means no change of color or odor, and its fineness has to be delicate. Ginger powder is used in beverage or capsule form, thus the process requires food-grade standards. The processed powder will be tested for FDA approval. Also, because of the shortage of resources on the island, water and energy conservation should be considered